My name is Kazu Kibuishi and I was born in 1978. After graduating from Film Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2000, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the field of entertainment. I currently work as a full-time comic book artist, and I live in Alhambra, CA with my lovely wife and fellow comic book artist, Amy.

Currently working on :

- Amulet Book Two

- Flight Volume Five - editor and contributor (project website)

- Flight Explorer - editor and contributor (project website)

Photo Essays :

Making of Copper - Jan 2006
- Jan 2006
SCAD Comics Art Forum - Nov 2005
Hangin' With the Cravens - Nov 2005
Trip to Portland - Sept 2005
Dallas-NY-Toronto - Summer 2005
Flight Gallery Show - Apr 2004
Don Hertzfeldt Gallery Show - Feb 2004
Nucleus - Toy Show - Nov 2004
Nucleus - Main Event - Oct 2004
Making Of Nucleus - Oct 2004
Nucleus - Oct 2004

Press :

CBC Nominates Amulet - Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper is nominated for a Children's Choice Book Award in which nearly 15,000 kids cast their votes for their favorite books of the year.

Best Books for Young Adults 2009 - Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper makes the list!

Will Smith and Akiva Goldsman option Amulet movie - The film will be based on the story of the first two books. Screenwriters have been hired, but the film has yet to be greenlit. I hope it comes together!

Ain't It Cool News reviews Daisy Kutter - "It’s just great when I come across a book that is a perfect representation of sequential art. When I read a graphic novel/comic book that is the pinnacle of characterization, storytelling and art I just giggle with glee. It makes me so happy to come across a book that exemplifies the best in its class and make no mistake about it DAISY KUTTER: THE LAST TRAIN is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Period." Click to read the full review.

Best Books for Young Adults 2006 - Daisy Kutter - The Last Train is listed as one of the "Best Books for Young Adults" by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) and the American Library Association (ALA).

25 People in Webcomics - Comixpedia cites me as one of the 25 people of webcomics for 2005.

Best Webcomics of 2005 - The Webcomics Examiner makes a list of their favorite online comics. Copper, along with the comics of a whole slew of my friends, made it on the list this year.

Comic Belief - Another catchy article title. This is a scan of a recent article in the Pasadena Star News. Here's an accompanying cover image.

Scholastic Snares a Viper - The title of this article is pretty hilarious. It talks a little about my next graphic novel series. This article is from Publisher's Weekly.

Copper in the New York Times - Copper is featured in an article on webcomics.

Copper on G4TV - Copper is featured on Attack of the Show.

DK review at Silver Bullet Comic Books - "Daisy Kutter: The Last Train reaffirmed my faith in comic book story-telling, and I can’t wait to read it again." - Keith Dallas

DK review at Diamond's Scoop - "We had managed to overlook Daisy Kutter when it first came out in mini-series form, but no such mistake this time."

DK review at The Fourth Rail - "Mix equal parts George Lucas, Miyazaki and Sergio Leone and you've got some idea what to expect from Daisy Kutter, the western/sci-fi adventure by Kazu Kibuishi." - Randy Lander

DK review at Sequential Tart - "Daisy Kutter rocks." - Rebecca Salek

DK#4 review at Hero Realm - "This issue wraps up one of the most unique and entertaining comics I’ve ever read." - Sarah Haslett

DK#3-4 review at moviepoopshoot.com - "One of my favorite unheralded gems of the past few months comes to a close with these two issues, and defying what seems to be all-too-normal these days, it delivers an excellent and earned payoff in the end..." - Marc Mason

DK#3 review at thecomicfanatic - "Writer/artist Kazu Kibuishi has created one of the brightest, most lovable characters to hit the scene in years. Kibuishi’s Daisy Kutter is a tough cutie along the lines of a female Clint Eastwood with the luck of Barney Fife! Kibuishi’s art captures this essence perfectly, all the while giving this book a welcoming and comforting feel that can only be described as a breath of fresh air in an often stale industry!"

DK#3 review at comiXtreme... -"... if I had to give one word to describe this book it would be "fun", because really that's what this book is. Yeah, it's beautifully drawn and the writing is top notch, but it also manages to have the fun factor and that's really what sets it apart." - Matt DeWolskin - comiXtreme

DK at comiXtreme - "One thing that struck me about this series was the quality of the story. I have something of a “law” in comics when it comes to stories written and drawn by the same creator. I try to be as forgiving as possible in regards to the story – I find that usually that aspect of the one-man-show comic is usually the weakest. It makes sense to me – the art of drawing is a very different skill than the art of storytelling. And while an illustrator can be very imaginative and come up with a great story concept, sometimes the execution can be lacking, and I try to be forgiving in cases like that. Here, though, I found that wasn’t necessary. Kibuishi has skillfully woven his tale, with all of the imagination I expected from an artist, along with all of the writing sophistication that I didn’t. It was a welcome surprise, and it is the story that, in the end, makes this title a complete package." - Craig Reade - comiXtrem

DK#1 review at CBR - "This is pure storytelling, the ability to pace the images to go with the words." - Augie De Blieck Jr.

DK#1 review at Popthought - "Kibuishi's sharp writing and stylish art makes Daisy Kutter a book that immediately grabs the reader with its excellent pacing and highly entertaining story." - Jeremy Clifft

DK#1 review at NeedCoffee - "In a strange mishmash place that's Old West but with robots--imagine a Brad Bird-directed and animated version of Westworld...Solid composition and "camera angles" make this worth reading through once for the story and once to appreciate everything else that's going on."

DK#1 review at PaperBack Reader - "...along comes Kazu Kibuishi with a book that has enough style and substance to make this reviewer excited about comics all over again. Daisy Kutter: The Last Train #1 is one of those books that comes out of nowhere and surpasses all expectations." - James Powell

DK#1 review at Broken Frontier

FLIGHT interview at the PULSE!

DK Interview at Digital Webbing

DK and FLIGHT interview at Silver Bullet Comics...

Daisy Kutter review @ X-World comics...

Interview at Popthought.com

Flight Preview - 06/03/2004 - A huge preview of Flight Volume One went up at Comic Book Resources!

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4-25-2004 - An Interview with Flight Comics' Kazu Kibuishi via Diverging Comics

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8-19-2003 - Shadedbox to Develop Francis Feature at Disney via Animation World Network





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A company started by several friends of mine. I worked with them on projects for games, films, commercials, and the web. They're a bunch of cool guys, and they are some of the most professional people I know. If you're looking for some high-end 3D work from some very reliable people, I recommend looking them up!