30th West Main St.
Alhambra, Ca 91801

(626) 458-7482

The making of NUCLEUS!

NUCLEUS began as an empty Bridal Gown shop in the city of Alhambra.

Seeing as Ben had no real inventory at the time, he displayed clipper ships in the storefront window. This threw off any suspicion that this place may soon carry cool stuff like T-Shirts and graphic novels. Ben's surprise attack plan was working...

Little did they suspect...




Ben hired rugged people to tear down the walls and all the unnecessary stuff. They even fitted this wall with metal struts and covered it with new drywall in order to flatten it.


While everyone worked diligently, Chris Appelhans impeded progress by encasing people in boxes. Despite the hindrance, everyone seemed to have a good time.


The other Chris, seated here, was with Ben during the entire process. NUCLEUS is the house that Ben and Chris built. Literally!

The NUCLEUS gallery under construction!

Ben put up a wall in order to divide the retail space with the gallery space. It looks really classy.


Someone took this picture from inside of a display case.


The infamous clipper ships.


Late one night, we took down the old Bridal shop sign. To our surprise, it was all made out of foam and plastic!

Chris Appelhans continued to impede progress by molesting the others. Despite the hindrance, everyone seemed to have a REALLY good time.


Ben found some cheap labor off the street and put them to work.

Out with the old...

...in with the NEW!!!

The Khang!!!







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