Trip to Georgia - Savannah and St. Simons

November 10th ~ 15th, 2005

Bob Pendarvis, the chair of the Sequential Art department at SCAD, drove Phil and me to
St. Simons Island while regaling us with his hilarious stories.

Arriving in St. Simons via the causeway...

The Craven homestead. The sun beaming through the lush foliage made the place feel pretty epic.

Like California, there is a noticeable lack of seasons, and autumnal foliage...

Some Georgia moss...

Phil and his mom, Darlene.

Darlene's store.

Mullet on the menu...

At the end of our trip, Phil, his brother Andy, and I went out to the beach and threw a frisbee around.

The sand is so fine here that in the dry areas it's light and powdery, while the wet
areas are packed hard like clay.

Phil exhibits his speed skating skillz.




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