Trip to Georgia - Savannah and St. Simons

November 10th ~ 15th, 2005

Phil and I were in Savannah to teach a workshop at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Since we were pretty busy, we didn't have time to shoot too many photos. The teachers will be
sending images of the actual workshops soon, so I'll add them to my report...

The Red Gallery in Savannah, showcasing original comic art. They even had a Herriman on display!


Phil Craven and SCAD instructor Ray Goto. Ray and the rest fo the staff were incredibly nice
and they treated us very well. We ate great food and they put us up at a nice hotel.

Some SCAD students we met on our way out of the Red Gallery.

SCAD owns about half of the buildings in downtown Savannah. In fact, hanging with the instructors
there, getting into all the nice VIP rooms of all the restaurants and such, I felt like we were hanging
with the mafia. Only they're all nerdier, into comics, sort of an "Art Mafia".

As I mentioned before, I didn't have much time to snap photos. However, here are a
few shots of Savannah that I did take before we left...


on to St. Simons Island...