Bolt City Summer 2005

dallas | toronto | new york

Although the summer's not quite over yet, I decided to post the pics I've collected from the past few months. We'll begin with the trip to Dallas, Texas to attend CAPE! at Zeus Comics...


Dallas, Texas has more water than I imagined. Much of the city is surrounded by large ponds and swampy land, which make for a very humid climate.


While in Texas, I stayed with my friend Jake and his family. From left, that's Tate, Alison, Jake, and Lucy Parker. Jake and Alison's kids are the most adorable human beings on the planet. They're hilarious.


CAPE! was held in a large outdoor tent. I was really impressed by the professional organization of the show. Hats off to Richard Neal and the crew at Zeus Comics for pulling off a wonderful event.


The tent was located directly in front of the Zeus Comics store. It's a very nicely-lit place, and they stock a lot of the good stuff.


Jake and I sat next to the Viper Comics guys. That's Jessie Garza with the glasses. He's good people.


Jake did well selling beautiful prints of his work. I came much less prepared, so I did sketches for people, like this one...

It was nice meeting the Luna Brothers. Their comic, Ultra, was a good read and they seemed like very nice guys.


I didn't have a good closing image for this page, so I'll just post this one again.


Let's go to Toronto!

dallas | toronto | new york