Bolt City Summer 2005

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While in New York, I've been staying at Amy's place. This is my temporary workspace set-up...

Amy and I were lucky enough to attend the US premiere of Howl's Moving Castle at the MoMA. Miyazaki himself was in attendance!



The day before MOCCA, I went to a book signing at Midtown Comics in Manhattan. The store was nice, and the guys working there were great, but it didn't seem like the customers knew we were there to sign books. Regardless, I had a good time chatting with the other artists. From left, that's Andy McDonald, Ivan Brandon, Jim Mahfood, and Mike Huddleston. Missing from the photo is Tom Beland, who was sitting to my left.


After the signing, Amy and I went to dinner with a bunch of the cartoonists gathering for MOCCA. We could see women showering in the building directly across from us. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the boobies. Here's a bunch of us eating desserts at Veneiro's, a pastry shop.


Andy was muttering "too close...too close..." when I took this picture.


When I arrived in New York, I was wondering how I was going to lug 140 books to MOCCA. Thankfully, Kean drove his trusty Volkswagen and we were able to haul the boxes over to Manhattan with ease.



MOCCA was held at the Puck Building in Manhattan. Here is a panoramic shot of the large room, where we were located. The two other rooms were sweltering hot for the first day, pushing a lot of traffic into our nicely air-conditioned space. Mwahaha....


Since I was too disorganized to have easels or frames for displaying our giant posters, some mailing tape plus the walls and windows had to do...


Johane was once again the Flight table MVP.


I was surprised by the great turnout. We sold through every copy of Flight Volume One in half a day, every copy of Daisy Kutter, and sold all but two copies of Flight 2, which made my trek home much, much easier than I imagined. Johane's Horus books and Ryan's mini-comics were also very popular.


On Saturday evening, I attended the Harvey Awards, where Andy won for Best New Talent! That's Jeff Smith in the background.



dallas | toronto | new york

new york - 1 - 2