Bolt City Summer 2005

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Later in May, I headed up to New York, where I met up with Amy, Becky, Corey, Derek, Jeremy, and Vasilis. We rented a van and drove through upstate New York to attend the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.


The event was held in the parking lot of Honest Ed's, a local retail store that apparently sold EVERYTHING. It's a strange place with loads of charm, where Amy and I bought some shampoo that had labels written in both Canadian French and English.

The event was hosted by Chris Butcher and Peter Birkenoe of The Beguiling comic store. They're good people, and this was a fantastic event.


Like CAPE!, TCAF was held in a large outdoor tent. This tent was filled with some of the best artists working in independent comics. It was amazing to see the concentration of talent there.


James Jean

Derek Kirk Kim

Corey Lewis and Bryan Lee O'Malley

We were located in what was designated the "children's tent". That probably didn't help to bring in traffic, but we did well nonetheless. Here's Amy and the wacky Ryan Sias.

Kean mans the table while people gather in the background to hear Darwyn Cooke speak.


As usual, Johane was the hero of the show. She rocks.


Dave and Raina joined us in the kids' tent.


Jeff Smith was also in attendance. Here he is giving a presentation on the merits of graphic narrative. Jeff was definitely the star of the show, attracting crowds of people during his signings...



TCAF took over a couple of cafes as well. Some of the exhibitors were located in the Hacienda, just across the street. This didn't prove to be a popular location. Panels were held here and in The Victory Cafe just around the block.

Hope and Mal

Amy and Becky speak on a Manga panel. Here, Vasilis is telling the folks that he is from Greece.

More TCAF photos!

dallas | toronto | new york

toronto - 1 - 2