Bolt City Summer 2005

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While in Toronto, we stayed at Kean's friend's new apartment...

Here I am sketching something for our friend Jeremy Arambulo.

Here's Jeremy watching me sketch while I sit in a strange, possibly yogic, position.


After the second day of the festival, Vera and Rich joined us as we did the tourist-thing and visited the CN Tower...

Kean, being from Toronto, has seen the tower quite a few times before.


Kean massages an old friend, the phallic moose head.

The CN Tower charges an arm and a leg for a trip up to the observation deck. We bit the bullet, forked over the dough, and jumped on the express elevator. Our ears popped.

Da Boyz - Kean, Derek, and Jeremy



The CN Tower is famous for the glass floor on its observation deck.



Later, we headed to the Chinatown area to eat Vietnamese food. Here is the happy meat market.


Later in the evening, we hung out with the other exhibitors at the cafe next door to The Beguiling. Here the artists are presenting the incomparable Chris Butcher with a group sketchbook made out to him. Chris is awesome.

Before leaving, I took another picture of Honest Ed's.


The next morning, a bunch of us cartoonist-types had breakfast before we hit the road. Corey ate a big plate of poutine (poo-teen) - a pile of french fries covered in gravy and smoked meat chunks. We had to make a few pit stops on the way back to New York.


Let's go back to New York!

dallas | toronto | new york

toronto - 1 - 2