Bolt City Summer 2005

dallas | toronto | new york

new york - 1 - 2

After the second day of MOCCA, we went to meet up with Raina and company once more for a dinner with cartoonists.

Kean was walking fast...

but Ryan kept up.

Given I've been here for a couple of weeks already, I've painfully neglected to take pictures of my surroundings. So here are at least a couple of shots of Manhattan...


We met up with the usual suspects at the Spring Street Natural Cafe.

Once we arrived, Kean started knocking back the beers.

Andrew Bell is really nice. is Raina. She also did a great job organizing the dinners and such.


Jeremy and his girlfriend Kathy joined us for dinner. That's Kathy disappearing to the right.



A bunch of us took the subway home. Here Kean makes an attempt to grab Ryan North's nipple.



dallas | toronto | new york

new york - 1 - 2