Will Eisner ____________________________________January 4th, 2005 - tuesday___



January 4th , 2005 - tuesday

Oh man... Will Eisner passed away. :(

I had been looking forward to meeting the man, moreso than most other people on this planet. Mr. Eisner can be considered the father of the graphic novel, and it is something I have been looking forward to speaking with him about for a long while, and now, this will never happen. On the positive side, he did live a very long life and he continued with his amazing career to the very last day, and for this we can be thankful. It's incredible that, even at 87 years of age, I was comforted by the fact that Will Eisner would continue to be around forever. That's the sign of a very strong man, and a great will to live. Well, it is safe to say that his work will definitely be here with us for a very, very long time. I wish his family well and offer my condolences.




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