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January 2nd , 2005 - monday

Happy New Year, ladies and gents! I think this may be a pretty interesting one for both Flight and myself, since 2004 saw the end of a couple of huge projects that I have poured so much of my life into. This year will determine what happens to these projects next. With fingers crossed and butt tightly clenched, it's time to move into 2005...

First off, let's begin with a preview of Michel Gagné's wonderful story for Flight 2, currently showing as a preview for the book at the Graphic Novel Review. Looking at all the material coming in for the book, I can safely say that the artists have raised the bar quite high on this one, and the work is absolutely stunning. Flight 2 will have a feel all its own and will leave quite a few people breathless. Just thinking about all the stories one after the other, it's like taking an endless series of punches to the gut, but in a really good way. :)

posters and prints...

Next - anyone who ordered posters recently, your orders have been delayed a bit since we're out of mailing tubes. I'll be picking the tubes up this week, so they should get mailed out before Friday. And anyone who has ordered a print (not a poster) - if you haven't received them yet, please let me know.



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