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My friend Neil Babra has a new comic strip up at serializer.net. He also happens to be one of my favorite cartoonists on the planet. His work is absolutely incredible. Rarely will you come across the work of an artist who pays careful attention to the subtleties in storytelling, and it is in the subtleties where his comics work best. Neil's progression has also been nothing short of astounding. From the time when I first viewed his work a couple of years ago to where he is now, the improvements he has made in his storytelling and drawing skills are unbelievable, and vastly inspiring. The only thing that remains the same is his voice as a storyteller. Very few people are lucky enough to be blessed with a genuinely honest and down-to-earth voice, and Neil is someone many of us cartoonists should be looking up to in this department. Without further ado, I present to you "Cloud Factory" at serializer.net. I have already read quite a few of these comics and his work on this series has quickly become some of my favorite...

Neil also has a wonderful story in Flight Volume One.

Over the Hill...

Oh yeah, and I turned 26 years old today.




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