Daisy Guest Pieces_________________________________April 12th, 2004 - monday___



Man, I got a bunch of cool Daisy Kutter guest pieces to put in the gallery. Check em out! Some great images from Jen Wang, Joel Carroll, Kean Soo, Tony Cliff, and Marco Magallanes (that's your last name, right, Marco?)

I also have a preliminary design for the first issue cover. The image is pretty much done, but I'll be creating my own font/logo for the title and touching it up just slightly before sending this thing to press. If my schedule works out right, I should be done with all the digital painting aspects of Chapter One in two more days and putting the final touches on the book this week. Next up is my Copper story for Flight Volume Two and the second chapter of The Last Train. I think I'll also try spinning plates on my feet and head while playing the banjo at the same time, just to impress everyone some more. (:P)... Okay, now where's the speed? (I guess Peet's coffee will do for now...)




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