Daisy Kutter - The Last Train_________________________April 6th, 2004 - tuesday___



Here we go... The image above is a two-page spread I did for my new project, Daisy Kutter. It's an idea that's been rolling around in my head for quite some time, so I was happy when Viper Comics said that they'd like to publish it as a four-issue mini-series. This little company put out a really high-quality book called Dead@17 and after talking with Jessie Garza, I felt they would treat Daisy right.

This is my very first shot at doing a full graphic novel, and I'm learning a lot in the process of finishing these pages. It's grueling work, but well worth it. Daisy's an incredibly complex character and she's been my favorite character to write so far. Go check out some sample pages at the Viper site, and click here for a higher resolution version of the image above.




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