Daisy TPB and Flight 2 desktops_____________February 2nd, 2005 - wednesday___



February 2nd, 2005 - wednesday

Hooo boy, it is getting busy in this little studio. Plenty to do around here it seems, the new Copper comic among other things. ;)

I'm almost done with the new comic, but in the meantime, please go pick up the Daisy Kutter trade paperback that hits stores today!

I also posted a bunch of cool FLIGHT desktop images over on the Flight site. Be sure to check them out!


January 27th , 2005 - thursday

Updated the FLIGHT website and also posted a couple of images, including one of the panels from my comic:

Be sure to check out my friend Mark's book, The Amazing Joy Buzzards. It's good, fun stuff, and is in comic stores now...


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