The Don Hertzfeldt Show!_______________________February 7th, 2005 - monday___



February 7th, 2005 - monday

First off, be sure to come stop by Nucleus for Don Hertzfeldt's first gallery show this Saturday, February 12th. Opening reception begins at 7pm.

Don is the creator of the funniest short films in existence, and was nominated for an Academy Award on his last short film, Rejected. His new film, The Meaning of Life, is currently playing in The Animation Show, which is something you should definitely try to catch when it comes through your town. It is by far the best collection of short films around. Anyway, I will be bugging you some more about The Animation Show soon enough, and I'll be sure to bug you about Saturday's gallery show, too.

...Flight 2

I am wrapping up production on Flight Volume Two this week. In fact, I am actually painting a comic for a friend and contributor. (Do editors usually do this? Hehe.) I was the last resort option, but it looks like it came to that. Good thing the drawings and the story are beyond fantastic...

...does this mean no Copper this week?

Let me see if I can surprise myself here... It's still on my schedule for the week. It goes something like this:

1. Flight 2
2. Find some way to pay for the taxes you owe on freelance work, you idiot. Next time, remember to save some money for it...
3. Finish new Copper.

How about if you guys go out and support the Daisy Kutter graphic novels (in stores now!) and let me know about it, I'll burn rubber and make sure there's a Copper comic up this week? There you have it - I finally resorted to blackmail.

Anyway, welcome to this week, and I'll see you back here soon...


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