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September 1st , 2004 - wednesday

The new Copper comic is up. Yes, I do know that it is no longer August. If we keep quiet, no one will notice...shh.

I'll post more words and stuff after I get a little shut-eye. One of the best things about drawing comics all day is the fact that after a long day (or night) of work, I lay down on my bed and I'm out for the count. I think most of the time I'm also too tired to dream, since I hardly remember any of them when I lay down all tired and groggy like this. Mr. Brain decides to shut down all proper functions. Niiiice. Most people need alcohol to help them do this, but me, all I do is draw stupid stuff until I pass out, sometimes even on the floor. Now that's just sad.

Okay, time to hit the hay. I'll be back in a few, or maybe more...


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