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August 27th, 2004 - friday

August 19th was also my brother Taka's birthday, (lots of birthdays this month) so I drew him a little drawing of him and me as kids. I am lucky to have the greatest little brother anyone could ask for, and I look up to him as if I were younger. He's my hero. Happy Birthday, Taka. :)

So, since I was having fun doing these simple illustrations, I did some more...

Here's an illustration of me trying to remove the Murphy Bed that used to be where the drawing table is now. I nearly killed myself, since, like an idiot, I was lying underneath the bed when I unscrewed it from the floor. That last screw was such a bastard. My arm was swollen and strained trying to twist that thing out of the wood. It had so much pressure working against it and I kept unscrewing, with beads of sweat running down my forehead. Just a few more turns, and then SPANG! ...In my haste to loosen the bed from the floor, I failed to realize that the single screw was holding the 200+ pound old school Murphy Bed above my head. So the whole thing came down and crushed me against the floor, and I was fortunate enough to squirm my way out of there with only a few cuts and bruises. The things I do for comics...



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