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August 3rd, 2004 - tuesday

This weekend, I'll be in San Francisco along with a few other Flight artists (including Derek Kirk Kim, Chris Appelhans, Jen Wang, and Enrico Casarosa) at the Super7 store for a Flight Gallery Show. Opening Night is Saturday August 7th. Come and check out original artwork and pick up a copy of Flight Volume One!

The Joys of Freelancing...

Any of you out there freelance illustrators? Well, I'm finally getting the checks in from the work I did earlier in the year. The freedom of being able to choose your own hours and to pick your projects is great, but payments for jobs tend to take a while, which is just the nature of doing freelance work. Of course, I end up sitting here with my butt clenched, just praying I can find some way to pay the next month's rent. It's kind of exciting, but sometimes it can get a little exhausting. So, cheers to being able to pay rent for the next couple of months, and cheers to the butt-clenching excitement of working for yourself. (Of course, I've come to realize I'm a terrible employee, as I've wanted to fire myself a few times already.) Off to the landlord's... see ya!



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