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August 1st , 2004 - sunday

The New Copper comic is up. Technically, it's the August comic and not the July comic, since I finished it on the first of this month... Man, the Con really set me back here. I'm scrambling to finish Daisy Kutter pages, too.

Welcome travelers!...

I'd like to welcome the new readers hanging out here now. I just looked at the traffic meter, and it seems things have been pretty crazy over on the Copper page, seeing as how Penny Arcade and Metafilter decided to link it at the same time. Not to mention Scott linking this page from PvP and Jeff Rowland at Wigu doing the same. Nice people, these guys. I just hope the server isn't on fire.

Well, for all those that made it here by way of these fine folks, welcome! I hope you enjoy the comics and such. I do my best to post fun stuff here regularly during the long periods between Copper adventures. Most people seem to get bored and wander away, but cheers to the patient readers that stick around. Hehe.

In other News...

I don't want to keep bugging you guys with Con reports, but this one by Neil Babra is particularly good. Not because he gives me more praise than I deserve (well, for that reason, too), but because he's an incredible writer, and of all the reports, his does the best job of taking me back there. Also, as everyone on Flight knows, Neil is simply too cool for school... well, he's actually still in school, but...well, you know what I mean.



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