Daisy Kutter - Siesta_______________________________May 24th, 2004 - monday___



Click here to download a printable pdf file to help promote Flight at your local comic shop...

Here's another Daisy Kutter painting. If any of you would like to order a signed 10" by 15" print of this image, you can go here, and type in "Daisy - Siesta". The prints will be 15 dollars plus 2 dollars shipping in the US, 5 dollars shipping overseas. I think I'll probably only make about a dozen or so of these...

Now that I think about it, I also have some Copper prints that I'd like to clear out. I have extra copies of each of these, if anyone's interested:

Ballads (7)

Fall (3)

Freestyle (3)

Bridges (1)

Again, go to this page if you would like to order prints...

Be sure to check out the May issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, where you can find this image in The Comic Book section... :)



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