Neil B back online..._______________________________June 1st , 2004 - tuesday___



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Neil's back. He creates some really great comics. He's also one of the most intelligent people I know. Go say hello!

Ahh, I did some spring cleaning a few days ago and it's such a wonderful feeling to come back to a clean apartment after spending the weekend out of town. I feel ready to get back to work now. The amount of work I have to do for the rest of Daisy Kutter - The Last Train is a little daunting, but it's time to crank through the rest of this thing... Jessie informed me that an advance review for the first issue is up at comiXtreme.

To all the comic readers out there: if you like what you've seen of Daisy Kutter so far, I promise you'll love the rest of it. It's a fun story and the books will be jampacked with tons of cool stuff. Please put in an order with your local comic retailer when you get the chance, and support the book! :)

Posted some thoughts on the film The Day After Tomorrow in this thread...

Oh, and the new Copper will be up this week...



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