Copper - "Summer House"___________________________April 30th, 2004 - friday___



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You didn't think I was going to leave April without a Copper story did you? Hehe. Well, I almost did miss it, what with Flight to put together this week, some more Daisy Kutter, interviews for both books, and such and such. No matter, it's here. Enjoy!

I'll be speaking at a career panel back at UCSB today at 2:00 pm in Girvetz 1004. I haven't been on campus for a while, so this should be a trip. If you're in the area and you're bored, stop by and say hello...

And CONGRATS to my little bro on his promotion and raise! YEAH!! Takahiro Kibuishi is an aerospace engineer in Irvine, CA, my hometown. He may be my smallest brother, but he's my biggest hero. Hehe. I'm proud of you, Taka! And be sure to keep that couch open! I'll be needing it!





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