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Good morning, folks. I hope everyone's Monday morning is treating them well. I figured you working stiffs could use a little Clive and Cabbage to cheer you up, so here's a four-page Clive and Cabbage comic that you'll find in the upcoming All-Star Industries anthology, being headed up by Johnny Destructo. Be sure to pick it up when you see it at conventions or at the local comic store.

A little later this week, I'll have something lighter up here. This month's Copper is inked and ready for color. It's arriving a bit late, but I think it's going to make the bus. I'm also beginning next month's strip a little early...

< On your left, you'll find links to several interviews I gave recently to talk about Flight and Daisy Kutter.

More Daisy and more Copper coming up later this week. I'll be back soon...

Oh, and how was your 24 Hour Comics Day? Feel free to go talk about it here or here.





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