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Wow! Flight got a very nice spot in this month's issue of PREVIEWS! Not only does Flight have two full-color pages, but it's also featured on the front of the Image section and has been selected as one of Diamond's Gems of the Month for premier comics! A big thanks to all the guys at Image and Diamond for having this kind of faith in us and in the book! :D

So, after speaking with the other artists and some local comic retailers, it looks like we're going back with the original cover. Here then, is another pdf file with that image!

By the way, I hope that in promoting this book, some of you have become more familiar with the local comic shops. It's not something I thought about before, but this has been a great way for me to get to know retailers, and what a cool bunch they are! I've been making regular visits to the Comics Factory in Pasadena (here's a blog entry that mentions them) and I am glad to have gotten to know some of the cool, intelligent folks working behind the counter.

A long time ago, I remember visiting a comic store and encountering a lot of negative folks just bitching about the fact that they had to sell a bunch of Pokemon and Magic cards to survive. While perhaps the creators weren't doing their part to support the retailers with good comics, it's too bad the retailers felt the need to push merchandise they didn't even like themselves. I thought it was sad, since they could have been spending more time promoting material that they liked, rather than pushing stuff they thought would make them a quick buck and constantly bitching about it. (Not that there's anything wrong with Pokemon or Magic cards, but seriously, if you don't like it, don't sell it)

So it's great knowing that we have some nice folks working to keep comics alive and well out there. George, Sean, and the rest of the crew at the Comics Factory are doing a great job of pointing people to the good stuff and I'm proud to call them my local shop. In the short time I have spoken with these guys, I don't think they ever bitched about the "market" or having to sell too many X books or whatever. Instead, they spend their time talking about the comics that they do enjoy and take the time to excitedly show them to me. Even with the lack of good material, they spend a ton of time doing research on good content, trying to find out about all the best stuff so they can present it to the fans. I know, because I do the research myself, and I've been able to find pretty much everything I've been looking for at this little store. These are role models, folks. This is what retailers should be doing.

Anyway, go find your local comic store and let them know that you appreciate them and help them find more good material. If your local folks are anything like the guys over here, I guarantee it will be a rewarding experience.

Here's a link to a comic store locator.

And be sure to tell them all to order Flight!




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