Ramen!________________________________________ March 29th, 2004 - monday___



My friends took me out to a ramen place in downtown LA recently, and I have to say it was probably some of the best ramen I've ever had. They also had excellent gyoza. Wash it all down with a tall glass of Kirin and you're doing just fine... It's great stuff, and I totally recommend the place, called DAIKOKUYA, for anyone looking to eat really good Japanese noodles. More info here.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...

Daisy Kutter is coming along at a brisk pace. Not as brisk as I'd like, but still pretty brisk. Brisk. I did, however, overestimate my abilities and underestimate the workload once again. Good thing I was setting myself up to come in WAY ahead of deadline, because now I might just hit it!

It's all looking good, despite the book being something very different from my normal stuff (in content and method of production). The Viper Comics guys should have a microsite for Daisy up very soon, where you'll be able check out some preview material.




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