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More guest art! This one's from Douglas Holgate down in Sydney, Australia. Thanks Doug! Check out some of his really cool comics at his website: www.f1-comics.com!

So, as per usual, I am swamped with an enormous amount of work at my day job and on some other comics properties. The good news is that I'm getting much faster at drawing comics. :)


I'm planning on implementing the Bitpass system on my site in the very near future to offer lengthier stories featuring Copper, Fred, Hi-Top, Clive, and the rest of the gang (separately, of course). I wouldn't mind hearing what some of you have to say about micropayments before I dive headfirst into it. Not to worry, the monthly Copper comics and the regular illustration posts will remain free to the public. (Freeloaders! Hehe.)

Patron of the Sequential Narrative Arts...

Thank you, Alfredo, for the wonderful donation! I will put up a contributors' list very soon, listing anybody who decides to help support this site with a small donation (unless you want to remain anonymous). Receiving funds from people who simply appreciate the time I spend producing this website is just...just awesome. Thank you so much, and it makes me want to work harder to produce more and better comics. With that being said, stay tuned as I'll be bringing a whole lot of it this way...

Oh, and don't forget to check out Kean Soo's guest week at Keaner.net. I did a little guest comic a couple days back. You should also stick around and take a look at his own work as well. Kean does some of the best, most natural, comics on the web. Check it out.



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