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^ Here's this month's installment of Copper. This comic marks the first time I used textured brushes in Photoshop despite my stubborn-old-man attitude toward filters and fancy doodads in the program. I kinda liked it.

Guest art...

Clio Chiang, the writer and illustrator of the wonderful online comic, Cascadia, has produced this amazing Copper guest piece. When I received this in the mail, I was jumping around the office like a giddy ten year-old kid! Isn't it just awesome?

You should also check out the incredible work on her website. It's one of my featured links and I check back on her site often. Thanks, Clio!!

Another artist I recently discovered by way of Neil B is Hope Larsen. She's doing some really innovative stuff, especially on her comic, I Was There & Just Returned, for Girlamatic. Go check it out!

Things here are pretty hectic...

As I continue chugging away on the lengthier Copper stories. I'll be sure to let you know where you can purchase them when they're complete. Well, at least I can let you know where to purchase ONE of them, and if you're in France, you may be able to pick up the other one, too! More info on the way...



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