Red Robot Blues vol. 1 - part one___________________________ July 2nd, 2003 - wednesday____


Man, what is up with this week, Wheels? I am totally bummed out.






All I seem to think about is how much I suck. Where did all of this self-loathing come from? This is usually Hi-Top's thing.






Well, I'm also beginning to realize how mediocre our lives are. Nothing happens around here. We just sit in these little boxes and wait for the boss to draw some stupid cartoon so we can announce it.






Here comes Hi-Top. Maybe he can cheer me up.



Hey guys, I just got back from the grocery store!






I bought some celery.



That's great.



I also got a new toothbrush. Wanna see it?



This fraggin' sucks!! I'll be in my room listening to Radiohead!!



What's wrong with him?








----- end of transmission. -----


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