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February 15th, 2005 - tuesday

Here be some photos from the Don Hertzfeldt gallery show opening. I'm also just... about... done... with Flight 2. And it looks very nice.

When I started working on Daisy Kutter, I was worried how it would fare being released in four parts. I even watched as the sales plummeted on the second chapter, since that one had nothing but character development and dialogue (it's also my favorite one). On that chapter, I basically wrote and drew a sci-fi/western action comic that spent the entire 33 pages watching two people on a date. Sales never really recovered after that. However, I see people picking up the complete graphic novel now, and they seem to understand its purpose. It feels really good to hear from so many new and old readers who have written to me to let me know they enjoyed the book as a whole. Even I got wrapped up while reading it! Daisy Kutter really does take on a whole new life as a complete story, and I couldn't be happier to see that it does. Anyway, here are some more reviews that I found while doing a narcissistic websearch on my book:

Diamond's Scoop
Sequential Tart
Image message board (hehehe, I like this one)

Be sure to pick one up at the local store, or get one online... 11 bucks! You know we're not making any money on this right? :|




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