Child's Play ________________________________December 18th, 2004 - saturday___



December 18th , 2004 - saturday

Hey all, Mike and Jerry over at Penny Arcade are going to be auctioning off the drawing above for their Child's Play charity drive, so if you're interested in having it, be sure to check in over there and bid for it when the time comes. This is a great thing these guys are doing...

Oh, and be sure to check out Catia Chien's spiffy new website if you haven't already...

Daisy trade...

I'm currently putting together the special features stuff for the Daisy Kutter Trade Paperback. It's gonna have a whole slew of sketches and other goodies, including new Daisy Kutter pin-up art from Phil Craven, Jake Parker, Chris Appelhans, Bill Presing, Khang Le, Derek Kirk Kim, Nicolas Seigneret, Kean Soo, Enrico Casarosa, and a few more!

And here is some music:

Andrew Bird - "Lull" and "Sovay" (buy CD - website) (thanks for the head's up, David D!)



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