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November 6th, 2004 - saturday

The Incredibles. Many of you may not have seen this film yet, so I won't spoil it for you. I also don't want to pump up your expectations too high, so I'll try not to do that. I'll try not to tell you about how it's one of the greatest achievements in cinema history and how technically brilliant every aspect of the production is, since these are things you might already expect from it. I also don't want you to know that I got all watery-eyed while clinging tightly to my seat through half of the film, since these are just pixels on a computer we're talking about. To call it the perfect execution of one of the greatest creative endeavors in the narrative arts might be too much, even though it's absolutely true. Just a few seconds into the film, I knew I was experiencing something amazing, and I already wanted to see it again. By the time the film was finished, I was already looking forward to the twentieth viewing. The animation, the lighting, the voice acting, the dialogue, the action sequences, the music - everything is pitch perfect, and then some. Most importantly, all of these elements are held together brilliantly by masterful storytelling, and this is what really makes this film special. The disciplined pacing, the heavy themes and emotions... all perfect. Brad Bird and company have hit a home run with this one, and far over the fence. Like I said, I don't want to pump up expectations too much, and I don't think I have, since it's difficult for me to imagine expectations high enough that this work of art will not at least meet or surpass. Go see it. Go see it NOW.



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