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October 16th, 2004 - Saturday

I have been receiving many requests for Copper prints. I initially took them off my site because the demand was too high I couldn't find the time to handle them, but I figured I can post this link up every now and then for anyone interested in getting a print and I can make some time to put together the packages. I also include a separate original sketch with every print. Thanks for all the support, everyone. It really is overwhelming.

Yesterday, I went to the Long Beach Memorial Hospital to visit my grandfather. He is being prepped for open heart surgery, which is scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

My grandmother, Hiroko, has been spending every day at the hospital. In the morning, she prepared sushi lunches, about half a dozen of them, to bring with her. She told me that the hospital food was terrible, so she wanted for Henry, my grandfather, to have something good to eat. She also made lunches for the nurses and doctors. And one for me, of course.

When we arrived at the hospital, Henry was sleeping. After we nudged him awake, Hiroko told him about the lunches she brought, and how she made sushi, because one of the attendants said they liked sushi. My grandfather smiled and informed her that the staff has changed, and that this day there was a different set of attendants. My grandmother just stood there with a look on her face that said, "oh."

I love my grandparents. They are the most wonderful couple I know.


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