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October 4th, 2004 - day

Good morning! Oh man, it feels good to say that, since I just reverted to a regular human schedule, waking up at 7 am. I'm wrapping up Daisy Kutter Chapter Three today, so you can expect the new Copper comic to be up at the end of the week...

The Fragments show was great. It's always great to see Ronnie and Enrico, and seeing more of their beautiful work up close is a special treat. Not that everyone doesn't already know, but Ronnie can draw a meeaaaan figure. Hehehe.

SMAP fan?...

I am hooked on JPOP. It's gotten me through a large portion of Daisy Kutter. I just realized if I were to listen to music not knowing the cultural connotations associated to certain bands, I may very well be listening to The Backstreet Boys. Yep. Thanks for the CDs, Amy!

pile o' email...

Also, for everyone who sent me an email recently, I apologize for the delayed responses. I've had my head buried in work recently. I'll try to get to them this week...



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