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New Copper is up. Gotta hit the hay now... I'll be back to post later...

Okay, I'm back...

When I was a kid, I think I was much more influenced by comics in magazines than actual comic books. I used to pick up the new issue of Mad Magazine to check out the latest Mort Drucker comic, or CARtoons Magazine to see a new comic by Shawn Kerri. And while I was also a surfer (a terrible one at that), one of the biggest incentives for me to pick up the new issue of Surfer Magazine was to see the latest Wilbur Kookmeyer comic by Bob Penuelas. Man, that guy knew how to draw waves.

Back in the first or second grade, I used to read Garfield all day long, and I remember one comic where Jon takes Garfield and Odie to the beach. Garfield would be wading out in the water in his silly inner tube when all of a sudden a giant wave comes by and pummels him. I would laugh heartily, but I do remember thinking how the wave just didn't look right. Then, when I looked at a Wilbur Kookmeyer comic, I could almost feel the motion of the waves and imagine riding them. This was something I also saw in the work of Rick Griffin, though his work came a little before my time. It was pretty evident that one piece was drawn by someone relating the experience of riding or seeing a wave, while the other was drawing a wave for the purposes of a gag.

With that said, I hope the latest comic feels like a wave.



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