Some Fan Art from me...____________________________May 17th, 2004 - monday___



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Hey folks! Here are some fan art pieces I did for various artists recently. I have a couple more that need to be colored, and I'll post them when I'm done...

Fan Art for : Amy Kim Ganter's Reman Mythology, Jake Parker's Lucy Nova S.E. (Happy Birthday, Jake!), and Erik Larsen's The Savage Dragon, respectively.

I've been really busy lately with several projects, so I haven't been able to post frequently. While I'm currently working to finish up the rest of Daisy Kutter before Comic-Con rolls around (or at least attempting to do so), I am also working on several other projects, including a comic for Disney Adventures Magazine. I'll keep you posted on all these projects. More stuff, including Copper and Daisy, coming soon!



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