Flight Vol. 1 - near completion!_________________ February 3rd, 2004 - tuesday___



The image above is a single panel taken from my completed Flight story, entitled "Maiden Voyage". It's an 18-page comic featuring Copper and Fred. This story will debut in the first volume of Flight alongside a 4-page Copper story entitled "Picnic". It's amazing to think that despite having hung out with you guys here on the site for what seems like a long while, I still have only fifteen pages of Copper sitting on here to show for it. That means the first volume of Flight contains more Copper material than previously existed. Hehe.

I'm gonna stop typing now and go to sleep. You can click here to check out my recent lengthy post about the Flight project...

Oh, and if anybody out there still doesn't receive their print within the next couple of days, please let me know.


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