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The new Copper comic is up. The flu and my apartment move pretty much took me out of commission all last week, so it was difficult finding little crevices of time to get this comic and the promo image done. Crevices of Time... That should be the title of a crappy sci-fi novel or a Hong Kong action film...

Thankfully, I already have February's Copper comic all penciled up and ready to go. I had it done in November, but for one reason or another I felt it just wasn't the right comic for November. It'll fit nicely in the February slot, though, so I'll try to color that up and post it in the early part of the month.

new header...

I also changed the header image up at the top, since I didn't much like the colors on the last one. I'll see if I can update that every month beginning in March.

new links...

Added some links to a couple of friends: Chris and Ben do some amazing work, and they're both a part of the Flight book. They also bicker and fight like a married couple. Hehe.

You'll notice I also added a link to Matt Rhodes, who also does some really nice work. I stumbled upon his stuff a while back and I've been meaning link his site. He's so young, too! Man, I feel old.

new projects...

Looks like I'll be taking on a pretty large comics project slated for a late 2004 release. I'll keep you posted on that as it develops.


All recent print orders will be shipped out this week! Apologies for the delay! Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails! Later!



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