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First off, I'd like to apologize for the delay of the new Copper comic. Although it is penciled, I have my hands full with several other big projects right now, and super*Market set me back this weekend, so it'll be showing up a little later than usual. Secondly, I'd like to thank everybody who came out to super*Market and said hello. I had a good time, and had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people. Thanks, all.

Up above me here, you will also find an image that links to a project that I've been working on for a little while now. Flight is an anthology that my friends and I have been putting together for the past several months, alongside some of our favorite artists, in preparation for the Alternative Press Expo in February. The anthology's roster includes: Enrico Casarosa, Jake Parker, Phil Craven, Kean Soo, Neil B, Clio Chiang, Vera Brosgol, Jen Wang, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, Bill Mudron, Wira Winata, Joel Carroll, Rad Sechrist, Dan Blank, Khang Le, Chris Appelhans, Catia Chien, Jacob MacGraw, Ben Lee, Bengal, and Derek Kirk Kim. I will have about 20 pages of new Copper and Fred stories in the book, and the entire thing should be about 150-200 pages total. It will be full of really great comics from some very talented folks, so please look for it in early 2004. (Side note: the image of the blimp is actually the first panel of a comic I drew for an anthology being put together by a French comics collective. If you're in France, be sure to look for it!)

about work...

In a few days, I will be making a serious commitment to my position as a partner at Shadedbox Animations, where I work and spend most of my time. So what does this mean? I'm not sure, exactly. While I will continue to create comics when I can, most of my time will be spent on writing and creating content for full-length animated feature films. As long as I am writing and drawing stories in any capacity, and I can stop worrying about feeding myself in the process, I guess I'll be pretty content. But I'll also be damned if I stopped drawing comics. For me, it's like breathing. I just gotta eat, too.

Oh, and everybody read the work of Jason Shiga and John Pham. They're super-geniuses.





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