Daisy Kutter Vs. The Scorpion________________ September 25th, 2003 - thursday___



Here's another image featuring Sheriff Daisy Kutter. While drawing a bunch of sketches at work, I got to doing a few random thumbnail sketches on the side and this one looked like fun, so here it is all inked up and colored.

Okay, so enough with the diversions... I better get back on track here and finish the Copper stories. I am currently penciling a 4-pager for a comics anthology to be published in France, and a 15-17 pager for another project I have been working on that I will announce to you folks in the very near future. And if this one comes together okay, you can be sure that this massive project will kick some serious butt. (As opposed to un-serious butt. Guffaw!)

The hairy hands of capitalism...

Many people have expressed interest in purchasing stuff, so I'll try and get a store running as soon as I can. I have about 500 Clive and Cabbage college strip books and a small pile of Copper prints that are collecting dust. Let me figure out how I can ship this junk out of here and as soon as I get it all together, I'll have a grand opening sale or something.

Hehe. I feel like I'm setting up a little lemonade stand. When I was in the first grade, I set up a tv tray in front of my house and drew the Golden Gate and Bay bridges without reference (terribly) and tried to sell them. I think I sold one drawing... to my mom.




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