Treehouses____________________________________________ June 25th, 2003 - wednesday____


It looks like the boss is getting sidetracked again. Look at what he put in the garage.





Hey, didn't we go there last summer? That place rocked. I like trees and crap like that.


Hey guys, I also cleaned up the comics section a little. I updated the covers with softer borders.


I think we should also clean up the main page here. I really don't think people want to have to scroll to read this nonsense every day.



Hmm. You may be right, Skeemer. We should definitely do something about that. Say, man, you're really proving to be quite the idea factory around here. For a while, I was worried for you - You know, since you were refurbished and all.



I will destroy you.


----- end of transmission. -----


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