Faster and Furiouser_________________________________________ June 20th, 2003 - friday____


Did you guys try out the new mech? It's pretty fun!





I dunno, man. It's not all that fast. I was pretty disappointed with its performance. Maybe if he adds some bumpin' subwoofers and some tricked-out legs, we could take it cruising for chicks.





You see? Somebody's achin' for the bacon.



Saaay, that's a good idea, Skeemer. Maybe we could soup it up for him as a surprise.


Hey, yeah! That actually sounds like fun! I can't believe you suggested something that- that appeals to me. It's like we're becoming FRIENDS or something.



Really?! You mean it?! Wow, this is really a breakthough in our relationship, Skeemer. I really didn't think you could break away from your jackass persona. I'm proud of you!



Nevermind, I hate you again.




And stay away from the mech. I'll handle this. No wuss-bots allowed in the garage, capische?



----- end of transmission. -----


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