Hi-Top Gets Even_______________________________________ June 18th, 2003 - wednesday____


I can't believe you just hit me.


I warned you, didn't I?



I thought we were buddies.



Buddies don't call each other "Cheeseboy".


It was a joke! Can't you take a stupid joke?!


It wasn't very funny.


What the hell is going on over here? I can hardly get any work done with all the screaming and yelling.


Hi-Top punched me in the face!


After he got all mad and called me "Cheeseboy!"


What happened here, Wheels?




I thought so. Skeemer, stop bullying Hi-Top.


Oh, come on!!! He was coming up with lame-ass mottos!! I had to cut him down for the sake of the site!!


Hi-Top, what was the motto you came up with?


"Bolt City - We Care About Comics."


Okay, that is pretty lame-ass.


You see?! Even the Chief thinks so!


And you have to stop being such a dick, Skeemer. If you weren't the best dishwasher this side of town, I'd boot you out of here in an instant. Now apologize, you guys, or it's no Quaker State for a week.



I'm sorry, Skeemer. I shouldn't have punched you in the face.


And I'm sorry I called you "Cheeseboy".


Good, now get back to work!

----- end of transmission. -----


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