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I'll end the week by posting a few cool links for you guys. It's beginning to look like this may become some sort of tradition around here. Anyway, here we go...

David Buckley's a pretty cool guy with some pretty wild paintings. Check em' out.

I'm surprised I haven't posted this link here before. This site is chock full of amazing illustrations from one of the best illustrators working today. Truly inspirational. Uesugi's illustrations are on a constant rotation on my desktop, along with the work of bengal, another great contemporary illustrator.

I recently rediscovered Mr. Gnu. We used to print Mr. Dandro's comics in our school newspaper. He's got some really funny stuff. When I spoke to him a while back, he was apparently making a living by helping kids with disabilities. I thought that was pretty cool. On that note, check out the work of Rene Laloux, an animator who also worked with the disabled. He made a film called Fantastic Planet, which is a really interesting piece of work. (That was a strange tangent, wasn't it?)

Amy just wrapped up her comic Exile From Kiirs. Go over there and say, "wassup?!"

Have a great weekend.



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