Introducing Cory Osborn__________________________________ June 4th, 2003 - wednesday____



So- Mr. Cory Osborn, from the good ol' UCSB Daily Nexus Newsroom days, sends me this e-mail from the East Coast:

kazu- i was worried that you didn't like the movie about the fish. i am happy because you liked it and i am not scared.

C'mon, man! I'm trying to do this ridiculous daily web entry stuff with a straight face here. Stop making fun of me! Heh-heh. For those of you who don't know Cory Osborn (and I AM assuming you do, since he seems to know everybody on this planet), he's my big black friend who protects me out on the schoolyard in exchange for Pocky sticks. He's also an insanely talented illustrator. I'll plug his stuff once he gets up off his lazy arse and puts together some kind of website. The gauntlet has been thrown.

I actually love how you guys can keep me in check. It's also really great how this website has put me back in touch with so many old friends. Sniff.

Copper's gonna be a little late it seems, since I am currently writing this blog while having to burn the midnight oil on a couple of day job projects. In the meantime, here's a little something I whipped up real quick for the garage.



----- end of transmission. -----


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