@ Gallery Nucleus - April 16th, 2005

Original pages from FLIGHT 2

These pictures were taken long after the crowd died down
and people were able to spend time with the artwork.

Phil Craven brings the intensity

Doug TenNapel hangs out and shows early photocopies
of his new book, "Earthboy Jacobus". They're amazing.

Khang, Tran, and Phil

Mandy Sechrist stationed at the print table.

Storeowner Ben Zhu prepares for action! I get caught still preparing...

Honda Ngo has been helping Ben with the store since it opened. He's good people.

Phil Craven shares some of the intensity with Pedro, Richard, Mark, and Israel.

My friend John helps Ben run the store. Lisa is there to help as well.

The gallery show reception was a huge success and people had some great
things to say about the new book. I'm looking forward to seeing where the
rest of this crazy ride takes us. For those that made it out to the show,
thank you for your support, and we'll see you at the next event!

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