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June 23rd, 2005 - thursday

Ah, okay, I was wrong about when the cable guy would pick up the modem. Looks like we'll have the internet until tomorrow morning (or technically, this morning). Anyway, here's a picture of Manhattan taken from Brooklyn shortly after we ate some Grimaldi's Pizza and had some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Shortly after this picture was taken, the sky exploded with fireworks. Seriously.

Remember that the Graphic Narrative Workshop is this Friday at Nucleus! (4pm to 8pm) Hmm. That seems like a really long time. I think it'll be much shorter than that, so no worries. I'll have to talk to Ben. Oh, and come armed with questions. I'm gonna wing this thing...

Goin' back to Cali...

During this trip, I met with a bunch of wonderful people that helped make this a memorable excursion. I learned that Judy Hansen, my agent, is not only an awesome artists' representative, but that she's one of the sweetest people I know. Chris Schluep and Colleen Lindsay at Random House are also awesome, which is good news, since they'll be helping us with Flight. Charlie Kochman at Harry Abrams, Ginee Seo at Simon and Schuster, Janna Morishima, David Saylor, and Scott Robins at Scholastic, Andrea Spooner at Little Brown, Calvin Reid and Douglas Wolk (who gave Amy and me some cool mix cds!) at Publisher's Weekly, Heidi McDonald of The Beat, and Shelly Bond at DC/Vertigo are all great people. I had such a blast talking to so many bright and intelligent individuals working passionately on and for books. It was all really fantastic, and I look forward to meeting everyone again, perhaps at the Comic-Con or on a return visit to New York next year. I also made quick trips to see Bill Plympton, Tom Warburton (a super nice guy) and crew at Curious Pictures (codename: Kids Next Door), and hung out a bit with Amy's co-workers at gameLab (one of my favorite stops during this trip, actually). Amy's friends are a fun bunch and it was great to see my high school friend Michi in swanky Brooklyn Heights. In the end, I learned that subway air coats you like a gritty slime, that everyone in New York has answers and directions, even if they're the wrong ones, that I want a Sony PSP, that there are a bunch of "Daizy Kuttah" fans in Bay Ridge, and that I am going to marry the most wonderfully sweet and caring person I know. All in all, including all of the convention madness, it's been a great trip. See ya next year, New Yorkers!


June 21st, 2005 - tuesday

Alright, I'll be without internet access until Friday, so I won't be able to check email for the next couple of days. See you later this week!



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