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May 9th, 2005 - monday

I just got back from Texas, and either I got a bad cold or my allergies have struck with full force. Despite the stuffy nose and sneezing, I had a great time in Dallas thanks to the Parkers, who let me stay at their wonderful home in Carrollton. Man, Jake's kids are ridiculously adorable and I already miss everyone.

CAPE! was also a really great event. Richard Neil of Zeus Comics did a phenomenal job organizing it. Everything was so professionally done, I was really, really impressed. He seems to garner a great group of fans there as well. I had a great time talking to both the fans and the other pros at the event, and I hope I get invited back again next year. :)

I'll be drawing a new Clive and Cabbage adventure for the Sketchbook Sessions guys in their new Zowie! Anthology, and I'll also be catching up on some freelance work this week. In the meantime, here's another cool review of Daisy Kutter to while away the time 'til I post more content...



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