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January 19th , 2005 - wednesday

I spent the larger part of the past week trying to fix my computer. It looks like I was attacked by some pretty heavy viruses and I can't even boot off my old hard drive anymore, even after formatting the damn thing. Thankfully, I had all my work files on another drive. This ended up taking quite a toll on my production schedule for Flight 2, as I've lost about four days to dealing with all this nonsense. I even bought myself a laptop to do my work on after having to deal with even my new hard drive crashing the moment I logged on to the internet. Well, it all seems to be settling down now, so I'm getting myself back on track. I just wish I'd slept for longer than three hours a night...

some interviews...

Here are some interviews I recently did at Comic Book Resources and Broken Frontier.

Oh, and if you sent an important email the past couple of weeks, please resend them. Along with my old hard drive, I lost over 7000 emails, and I probably havent gotten back to a few people before I lost them.



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