Daisy Finished!________________________________December 10th, 2004 - friday___



December 10th , 2004 - friday

Daisy Kutter - The Last Train is DONE. 150 pages. It was pretty exciting for the first few minutes after I finished. I went over to the fridge to celebrate with a Hefeweizen, but the beer was tasting kinda skunky, so the celebration ended pretty quickly. Well, my first real graphic novel... finished! Feels pretty good. Now to get caught up on my other work...

Be sure to ask your local comic retailer to reserve a copy of Daisy Kutter #4 and the Daisy Trade Paperback (entire thing bound together as one book, as it was meant to be read)

Oh, and I want to kill the people who invented popup SPAM, and eradicate the scum who proliferate it. Despite having an armada of anti-spam, anti-virus software on my computer, these villains have still found a way to annoy me every 30 seconds while working.


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